The Jeseníky area

Tips for trips and activities



The Jeseníky Protected Landscape Area is a paradise for every nature lover. You can visit the impressive limestone caves, examine the wide valley from one of the many lookout towers, or visit the beautiful Baroque chateau. There are plenty of possibilities.

Summer inspiration

In the summertime, hotel guests have a wide range of trails and trips that are worth exploring. You can set out on foot right from the hotel along the sightseeing route of the founder of the local spa, Vincenz Priessnitz. Mount Praděd will reward you with a beautiful view of the surrounding area. Sports enthusiasts will also be happy to hear that they can enjoy a vast number of trails through the beautiful countryside from the saddles of their bikes.

Full day trip to Praděd

Mount Praděd stands 1 492 m above sea level and is the highest peak of the Jeseníky Mountains as well as Moravia. It is surrounded by a national nature reserve and is a crossroads of many hiking trails. Once you reach the top, you can visit the lookout tower every day, which offers a truly unique view. You can reach the tower on foot from Červenohorské sedlo via the Švýcárna chalet (8 km) along the red hiking route. In the winter, this route is also open to cross-country skiers; the trail is part of the international E3 hiking route as well as the Jeseníky cross-country skiing trail.

The Jeseníky Protected Landscape Area all around

Whether on foot or by bike, you can head out from Slunný dvůr and discover the beauty of the ubiquitous protected landscape area of the Jeseníky Mountains. One of the most interesting places is the Nýzner Waterfalls (Nýznerovské vodopády), which comprises a series of cascades and rapids in a romantic gorge above the mouth of the Bučín brook, with a total height of 14 metres. You can also visit the Devil’s Rock (Čertovy kameny) formation with a view of the Bělá brook valley and the Polish plains, all about 3 km from Jeseník. One of the most famous flooded quarries in the Žulov region is the Rampa quarry, which is a popular summer recreation spot.

The Vincenz Priessnitz Trail

The trail runs along a 7 km-long circuit from the Sanatorium Priessnitz stop in Lázně Jeseník. There are nine information panels along the trail – they describe the development of natural spas and the incredibly interesting life story of Vincenz Priessnitz – the founder of the world’s first hydrotherapy institute. The trail leads along the green hiking trail and is intended only for pedestrians. There are 14 springs along the way and a few small monuments. 

Winter tips

The winter months in Jeseníky cater to lovers of winter sports since there are several ski resorts in the area. Families with small children and beginners as well as experienced skiers will enjoy themselves. In addition, groomed cross-country ski trails lead past the hotel. You can also try less traditional winter sports such as alpine touring or splitboarding. The Dlouhé stráně hydro power plant is also open to visitors during the winter months. 

Ski resorts in the Jeseníky Mountains

The Ski Centrum Miroslav resort is in the vicinity, directly located in the town of Lípová-lázně, about 8 km from the hotel. It offers a two-seater chair lift and two ski lifts. Another ski resort is Skipark Filipovice, about 13 km from Slunný dvůr. A chair lift, snow park, children’s park and night skiing are all available to you. Last but not least, you can also visit Červenohorské sedlo, 19 km from the hotel, where you can find two slopes with a chair lift and seven lifts. The facility also offers equipment rentals and a ski school.

Dlouhé stráně hydro power plant

From the Kouty nad Desnou ski resort, you can take a tour of the Dlouhá stráně pumped-storage hydro power plant year round. In 2005, it was classified as one of the seven great wonders of the Czech Republic . A pleasant walk around the upper reservoir awaits you at an altitude of 1 350 m above sea level. After the tour, you can also take a look inside the power plant, where you can learn about all its functions as well as adjacent caves. 

Vincenz Priessnitz Museum

The Jesenicko Museum of National History is located in the historical monument of the Jeseník Water Fortress (Vodní tvrz Jeseník). The museum offers several permanent and short-term exhibitions, e.g. the history and archaeology of the Jeseníky region, or its flora and fauna. The museum also includes an exhibition on Vincenz Priessnitz, which is open directly in Lázně Jeseník, in his birthplace.